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a lot seems to be happening in the political realm of conversational meanderings. People are saying important things, but it appears to be that the only vehicle for expressing validity is gowning one's statement or point in an enveloping barrage of deluding and obscuring infringements. Therefore, the important things being said are blurred and garbled -- at times, rendered completely intranslatable. British Parliament, being unconstitutioned, relaxes at the approach of abrupt change because its uncontractual guidance is wildly fluctuate, while the United States constitution impedes rapid and fluctuatant adaptations if necessary. Productive ambiguity is the path to accomplishing a meaningful, point-winning statement because through its obscurity, does one find a lightning bolt of covert acknowledgement, unconsciously verifying acceptance because of passively derived conglomerates of the diction used in ones paraphrasing.
The Bush administration, through its simplistic straight-forward mannerisms, avoids this subjectively concieved and accepted deluded paraphrasing, and is, thus, quite swept in the illusion by it. This is not to say that the Bush Administration is in a whirlwind of confusion and bewilderment, without being consciously aware of the practicalities of such an ill-guided state, but that the Bush administration, rather, has merely relied on a misleading mechanism for guidance, and it holds on to this straying, trickling "hazy light" to beckon its path. It is not guided by nor dragged around by the collar of this fluctuant and unstable beacon, but, rather, its sheer reliance on it, combined with the naivety of its instability, causes the Bush administration to be sidetracked more often than not, producing the ensuing bewilderment among prestigious on-lookers. However, brilliantly scattered phenomena can host a wide variety of casual on-lookers seeking amusement that is free, foreboding, and fortifying. Hopefully, our executive branch will appear more than a brothel of shenanigan-armed hooligans, but, unless profound rectifications are made on our system of guidance, the order may dismay even the most disorderly.


whoops about the post!
Well, The fourth of july just ended! And I spent it in France! Yep, that's right folks, france amazing. The more of these journal entries I write I realize that I feel like they are scripts being said to an audience -- huh. Well I saw the Louvre, Notre Dame, St. Chappelle, The Paris Underground, ate some Glace, awesome paninis, killer expressos, and was totally overwhelmed with the language barrier -- my head would have exploded any longer their. Whenever I ordered food or asked for directions, I felt shrugged or like a moron! I saw one of those dwarf dudes from Amelie, almost bought one, but hopefully will find another.
On a more reflective note, I realized that (by riding the tubes all over the place, like back to my dorm to get my forgotten passport! True story) the world seems so much more like my home. Like at 428, if I need something from the basement, upstairs, I go get it. Same thing with the passport, except instead of going down 2 flights of stairs I take the tube 5 stops or so! Pretty cool.
Hope this works!
I fixed some of the templage details.. hope it posts!
Gooday, mate! My first post from London - Cheerio and Cheers!

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