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Eliminate the Five Masks to Fully Experience Our Five Faces

Everyone wears 5 masks:
  • The Psychological -- Labeling, maladaptive diagnosing
  • The Computational -- Looping, repetition, mindless tasks
  • The Political -- Prohibiting, barring
  • The Dramatic -- Disuading emotions
  • The Literary -- Mental illusions, ennui

These five masks protect one from false vulnerability, creating an illusion of spuriousness, but deleteriously conceal our five faces. The masks great a game -- fantastic, alert, and drawing from multiple intellects for people interaction.

Everyone has 5 faces:
  • Nature -- Ocean, Flowers' mathematical precision of Fibonacci, wavelengths, frequency
  • Sex -- Passion, Excitement, Affection, Joy, Happiness
  • Music -- Precision, Math, The Number One Connection
  • Humanity -- Spirituality, People Relationships, Profession, Work, Intimacy
  • Body -- Stretching, Yoga, health, exercise, Zen focus, nutrition
These five faces are jubilant reality. Connecting with them and showing them makes your life a colorful joy-ride of heaven because you abandon the concept of distrust, fear, and doubt. The five masks protect us and give us an interface for success; our five faces are authentic and alive and total nature.

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