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Excited Breath and Friendly Foe

Dan Millman writes, "The only difference between fear and excitement is whether you're breathing" (138). This distinction is such a fine line because the energy levels of alertness combined with flight/fight operate on such a hair-pin trigger. Doing some deep breathing, literally, restores confidence in your discovery of exhilaration and the renounciation of fear.

Millman, in his brilliance also writes, "The only safe and sure way to destroy your enemies is to make them your friends" (139). This is brilliant! Way of the peaceful warrior. This is not saying, you say, "I don't have a weed problem, I just consider weeds plants". Instead, this is transforming the ire, or it's utilizing the rancor or distaste for someone and developing that inimical relationship into one of, at the least, comraderie and at best, sincere rapport.

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