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Weekly Motivational Remedies

  1. Learn to be more the parent and less the child. Realize that you gain ground when you become a greater source of compliments to others than a receiver of kind words from our bosses.
  2. The Best Recognition is Applied -- Expansive Responsibilities. The best recognition you can receive comes when the organization has enough confidence in your abilities to expand your responsibilities and compensates you fairly for what you accomplish.
  3. Don't go off half-cocked --Gather information when dealing with a problem. Gather all the facts: who, what, when, where, why? Define the locale, type and extent of the problem as quickly as possible. Assess the damage. And double-check your information.
  4. It's better to be a suck-up than a "I-don't-carer". If you're the boss, you'd promote a person sucking up 50,000 times faster than a person who is chapfallen or dejected.
  5. Rebels rarely survive for the long haul. From Jesus (crucified) to William Wallace (drawn and quartered) rebels don't stick around for too long. Learn the ropes, the folklore, how the business works outside of the "manuals" and see who reports to whom. You can only change it when your in it and are coognizant of the businesses modus operandi.


Good Ol' Emerson

"To believe your own thought, to believe that what is true for you in your private heart is true for all men, — that is genius." Brilliance is believing in your intrinsic correctness.


Fugue of Life

▼ ❑ Fugue of Life: Life Circuits-
• ❑ What is this? These are my beliefs on life circuits -- the patterns that evolve our personality to self-actualization.
• ❑ Fugue of Life: Life Circuits-- in music, a Fugue is where a short melody (RoR) is introduced and one by one part successively taken up and developed by interweaving the parts. In psychiatry, a state or loss of one's identity frequently sparked by a flight from one's environment, associated with hysteria and epilepsy.
▼ ❑ Secluded Superstar -- the mundane makeup, the typical "normal" personality. Before any of the four steps occur. Before the journey has started. HIGH AMOUNT OF CONFUSED CONVICTIONS.
• ❑ Typical Duration: Can occur one's entire life if they never engage this process. (Age 6-16 for me)
• ❑ Magnitude of Confidence: Presence of Confidence < confidence ="Presence"> Presence of Fear, Inconsistently.
▼ ❑ Conditioning Keel -- The stabilizing, day-to-day patterns and rituals that we develop to stabilize our ideas and empowered beliefs
• ❑ Typical Duration: 2-4 years (using the eliptical machine, counting calories, marathon training, biking in SB; daily writing in SB; and daily journals and reading Zen book and cleanign room weekly at CC)
• ❑ Magnitude of Confidence; Presence of Confidence >Presence of Fear, Consistently. Confidence is Habitually Empowered
▼ ❑ Intrinsic Infusion -- This is where you have time to reflect; you often realize your empowerd, focused state; you understand are different from others; you eat more healthily (water-rich foods, vegetarianism, etc.), need less sleep (sleep on the floor, better for back), exercise with more intensity (faster, more aligned with your body, stronger, lift more weight, run marathons, bike tons of miles); often you help others in their process; you reconnect with old family and friends and all of their words help and direct you; people are constantly recognize how far you've gone in your journey and they are helping you, too; there is a high degree of compassion, love, and happiness experienced here. This primarily occurs by yourself (as opposed to help with other from other people; Conditioning Keel is almost all from help by other people!). The main realization here is you realize that having fun in life is NOT copping out; it is achieving the most success in your life. Peolple who think you can't have too much fun (authentic fun, not drugs) are always energized, bouncing up and down in their seats off the walls, and perpetually successful
• ❑ Typical Duration: Lifetime (Now; writing; This is where I am write now)
• ❑ Magnitude of Confidence; Presence of Confidence >> Presence of Fear, Consistently. You have such a surplus of confidence, you are naturally confident and can spend time helping others with this evolutionary process of life circuits and life fugue.
• ❑ -----
▼ ❑ The Whole process
• ❑ Typical Duration: Lifetime but taking the averages of the time durations (1+5+5+2 = 13 years (max is around 27 years) most people start this at 40 and finish by mid-50s) Successful people start it VERY YOUNG; which is what I am doing and have done. (Now; writing; This is where I am right now)
• ❑ Magnitude of Confidence; Presence of Confidence moves from a deficit to a monumental deficit to breaking even to inconsistently surplus to consistently, monumentally surplus.
• ❑ WHAT COMES NEXT? Repeat the RoRs? No, I've done enough of those. Help people get started with their RoRs, establish Crystalliized Conditioning, Conditioning Keel, just like people helped me with those, incredibly!
Everything aesthetic has a biological logical explanation:

Hourglass figures like Marilyn Monroe....women with large breasts and narrow waists have higher hormone levels.

Women with higher hormone levels -- esrogen levels -- are more attractive.

In times of scarcity, heavier women are more attractive.

All of those "attractive" elements of beauty are not Maybeline cosmetics or high heels, it's purely biology, wired directly to the sole goal of reproduction. Hourglass figures, estrogen, heaviness ensure, respectively, potential to bear children, potential to successful be infertilized, and, in times of famine, to provide nourishment for reproduction.

Scientific studies have shown high breast to under-breast ratios and low waist to hip ratios reveal higher hormone levels. The beautification of the "Barbie" has some biological grounding.

Pheromones -- those odorless, sightless chemicals can dupe men into being attracted to a moderately attractive women or a woman normally not considered to be attractive. In the sexual tug-of-war, pheromones are the wild card.
Heating up the conversation, getting loud, intense, guttural, and very charged comes when you speak with your intention from the lower chakras. You can really start cooking if you put your intention on the orange chakra; and you're an unstoppable ball of screaming energy when you focus on the root chakra. Then if you draw your energy back up to the heart, throat, mind's eye, or crown, you speak, respectively with more and more slow, serene, more highly-calculated, "higher source" area.

In communicating through voice, you draw from all chakras, independently, at different times.

Each chakra has the equal amount of deliberateness, sincerity, and intention, but drawing from different chakras to communicate will vary the cadence, speed, tonal inflection, and vigorousness of body language and hand gesturesde. Depending on the listener or audience, some chakras will be more poignant, convincing, and communicate the message more clearly. For example, with an easily distracted youthful teen, the wild, rockstar-like, deep guttural, quick-movement animation from the root chakra will instantly draw their intention. However, to an elderly person, or very sensitive and wise person, such an explosive interaction would frighten them or cause them to deactivate as a listener. In the case of an older and/or calmer person communicating from the throat and above chakras would be the most effective circuitry.

Experiment with different chakra schematics, but then develop an ability to assess which chakra locus of communication derives the most effective message beforehand. Being able to study a person like the lion and then commit with curious intensity like the shark to whatever chakra communicational level is appropriate at that time is your key to being not just an effective, but a synergistic, compelling, alluring, and captivating communicator.

Sharks: Aquatically Agog

Here's another factoid about sharks. Sharks are interested; they're the oceanic Curious Georges. If you're ever channel-surfing (and I know you watch television), stop by AnimalPlanet and check-out the pupil dilation of, say, a lion and that of a shark. The lion has a small little dot, an ioata of a miniscule pupil, while the entire sharks' eyes is just one enlarged, gigantic pupil orb. Obviously deeper water sharks have larger eyes compared to surface sharks, but you can't even see the iris (and yes sharks have cornea, retina, iris, and pupil, like we and most vertebrates do) of most sharks because they are so enlarged and inquisitive about their salty world. Look at the way they test out their environment, too; they chomp at an unknown object not out of malice, but sheer curiosity and a systematically inquiring playfulness. Predators of the sea, they may be; but calling a shark a "man-eater" is a major misnomer -- aquatically agog is more like it.

Another cool factoid about sharks: they see slideshows where humans see movies. "The minimum frequency of flashes or images at which an eye can no longer separate [images] is termed flicker fusion frequency" (1). In other words, the typical 24 frames/second rate of movies causes us to see seemless motion and flow of what is really rapidly-fired still frames. Sharks, operating at a 45 flashes/second flicker fusion see a rapid-fire slideshow with distinct, unmoving pictures, where humans see a seemless movie.

Our evolution as more advanced beings basically originates from our capacity to create technology; the earliest being building fires, cooking food, burying the dead, and like. But losing touch with our taxonomical relationship with other animals, as a hominid is asking for serious "de-evolution". A counter-balance must be maintained because technology and nature -- because technology is a great indicator of evolution but nature is the the supreme intelligence, the greatest technology of all.

The first human-like, hominid species is 4.4 million years old, and the oldest homo sapiens are 250,000 to 400,000 years old, and the modern human is 40,000 years old. Compared to sharks, our least evolved ancestor, the Australopithecus afarensis, ape is only 1/90 the age of sharks, and sharks are 1,000 times as old as the modern homo sapien. We can learn alot from the elderly!

As is true for all animal behavior and characteristics, we can take a major message from their clarity. We should embace the constant curiosity of a shark, but balance that by peppering it with stolid vigil of the lion. We, as humans may considered ourselves "more evolved" than lions, tigers, bears, and sharks, oh my(!), but if we forget to learn from the habits of animals, our "evolution" is insubstantial and at best, trivial. Weaving in the behavioral dance and specialties of animals doesn't cause us to devolve, but vivifies our existence.


A Moralistic Message of Sharks?

Shark attacks are not menacing or threatening in terms of frequency. LIghtning and bicycle crashes kill far more people more frequently. It's the fear that a beast, atleast in the water, seems to be extraordinarily superior to humans is what is so fearful. Not being on top of the food chain, predatory ladder is why there has been so much attention drawn to shaks.
Out of all the man-over-board, sinking ship events -- Titanic, Louisitania, hundreds of others -- the Uranian-carrying, Bomb-component wielding Indianapolis was the single-most largest episode assault by the dinosaur-aged fish of the deep. The July 30, 1945 USS Indianapolis had just delivered crucial Uranium components to the secret base of Tinian, that which would soon make the atomic bomb "Little Boy", which was soon dropped over Hiroshima. The ship, crewed by 1,196, was hit by Japanese submarine commander Hashimoto's torpedo, and sank in 12 minutes. It had just 300 that went down with the ship, but only 316 of the remaining 896 crewmembers were stripped off by frigid waters and sharks. It primarily was the Tiger and the Oceanic White-tip sharks that did the dirty work, chomping off roughly 586 men at a rate of about 100 per day, or a human being consumed every fifteen minutes for 5 days straight.
Is it a coincidence that the vessel that delivered the final component for the single largest destruction devic met such a gruesome fate not brought on by fellow man, but by nature? The sharks operating as so divinely retributional mechanism for delivering the bomb components is debatable, but it certainly is karmically provocative.
Think about it, out of all the SOS shipwrecks scenarios only the boat carrying components for the largest bomb on the planet was paid a serious visit by the 400 million year-old* fully-cartilaginous sea fish. Out of all the abandoned ship stories where sharks could have picked off floating survivors like bobbing for apples at a birthday party, isn't it "ironic" that the ONLY episode of sharks consuming shipwreck survivors occurred off a vessel with a destructive mission (delivering the Bomb components)? Does Nature have a moralistic and gruesome message?

*Very cool side fact: Sharks are 400 million years old. Can you FATHOM how old that is? The oldest human evolutionary chain is 2.5 million years old, meaning that sharks are 160 times older than the oldest hominid evolutionary chain, but the most modern humans are 10,000 years old, making sharks 40,000 times older than modern homo sapiens!! 40,000 times old! jeez! Sharks are 2,000 times as old as neanderthals, which date back as far as 200,000 BP (before present). Therefore, respectively homo habilus, neanderthals, and moder humans are, repsectively 0.6% ( or 1/160), 0.05% (or 1/2,000) , and 0.0025% (or 1/40,000) the age of sharks!!!!

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