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True Love Is Psychotic

True love, that genuine rare art form, is ultimately psychotic. Learn to love the wild. Embrace the rifts, tides, and currents of that change. Create your unknown and then live to understand your reality. Truth is subjective; discover your own wisdom and comprehend the desires of your intrinsic beauty. This should function as a wake-up call for all your music. No more snooze or booze; time to use your capacity for that rhythmic sagacity.


The Best Anti-Psych Post

Pharmaceutical firms linked to defining DSM diagnostic criteria. Proving, it's all about the money. This is a brilliant reference! I knew this, and rhetorically have asked people why so many of the so-called "disorders" could fit symptomatic criteria of almost any person (insinuating that the pharmaceuticals need to make money from diagnoses, and, thus, make diagnostic criteria incredibly generalized), but your reference illustrates the financial evidence behind the malign and deception. Thanks, WP, for revealing this! Here's a juicy quote:
"Every psychiatric expert involved in writing the standard diagnostic criteria for disorders such as depression and schizophrenia has had financial ties to drug companies that sell medications for those illnesses, a new analysis has found."
The Insanity of Psychiatry
I think one of the most obvious examples that illustrates how the psychiatric sham can't consistently diagnose even the most simple subjects (obviously, because such diagnoses simply do not exist!) is the famous Rosenhan experiment. Designed by David Rosenhan of 1972, the experiment involved "pseudopatients" consisting of perfectly healthy grad students, phycians, psychiatrists, and pediatricians" acting as if they had hallucinatory symptoms and trying to get accepted by 12 prestigious hospitals around the country. They were all accepted. And the greatest blunder of psychiatry is revealed when the hospital staff (after being informed that some of the patients were part of the experiment) couldn't identify the pseudopatients from the real ones and thought some actual patients were pseudopatients! The misdiagnosis of their own misdiagnosis! Ultimately, David Rosenhan single-handedly proved (with his experiment team, of course) that the psychiatric business not only inherently possesses flaws in diagnoses, but also in remission and contingency diagnoses. In short, shrinks don't have the capacity to correctly scrutinize "patients" before and after diagnoses, making the entire diagnostic process a pathetic, ridiculous joke, only to be believed by greedy pharmaceutical companies, shady psychiatrists, or the blundering status quo.

What is this like? How unheard of is that? That's like having the prison wardens make the laws depending on how many jail cells are available! Oh, if they're running out of incarceration space (or, to draw the analogy, have plenty of money), make the laws loose; if they have surplus space (running out of money), make the laws tight and bring in more criminals (or more patients). Utterly ass-backwards. What's even worse? Psychiatric shrinks nor patients don't get insurance money if you don't diagnose. That alone gives an enormous incentive towards labeling, and not emotional help. True help is too subjective and unprofitable. Objectified 'therapeutic applications' are second in line if drugs are not given. Wow this is shocking, so in the psychiatric profession along with the insurance companies, "emotional help" is unprofitable. Saying that genuine emotional help doesn't really legitimize financial profit, is about as "logical" as saying that all lay-ups in basketball don't count only jump shots. The very warped financial provisos of the psychiatric profession discourage genuine help and encourage the mutation of and maladaptively warping of someone's delicate physiology by shoving pills down their throat.

This site offers an amazing repertoire of anti-psychiatric papers, references, and links, but ont of hte most notable was this article by Dr. Douglas A. Smith. Where Dr. Smith enlightened us and confirmed our beliefs that "All biopsychiatric treatments share a common mode of action -- the disruption of normal brain function" (Peter Breggin, M.D., Brain Disabling Treatments in Psychiatry, Springer Pub. Co., 1997, p. 3). Drugs never correct imbalances. They never improve the brain. They "work" by impairing the brain and dampening feelings in various ways." Again psychiatric medical treatments impair our life and merely subdue and bury our normal brain functioning; psychiatric medicines are NEVER productive.

The existence of all mental disorders is refuted here
. The most clarifying part of Mr. Stevens' article is the understanding that labeling someone with a mental disease is only saying that the labeler disapproves of the person's personal mentality. That's all mental disorders are. They don't exist as anything else other than a a sophisticated insult. They certainly do not insinuate the taking of medication, therapy, nor "healing" anymore than calling someone an "idiot" does.

Finally some reading that is "safe" to absorb because it propels a world view of which I have been such a fervent supporter, instigator, and communicator.

Also, this organization, The Truth about Psychology and Psychiatry, tied in with Mental Health Radio, is absolutely brilliant stuff.
You are never locked into your genes
Bruce Lipton, Ph.D has incredibly ground-breaking and empowering work in epigenetics. Where "his experiments, examining in great detail the molecular mechanisms by which cells process information, have revealed that genes do not in fact control our behavior, instead, genes are turned on and off by influences outside the cell." Drawing from his own studies and degrees with psychiatry on a first-hand basis, Jay Joseph's, Psy.D cornerstone book called the Gene Illusion shows how the psychiatric basis of genetics is easily challenged.

The mind-body concept was said to have been started by Dr. Larry Dossey, M.D. His sound wisdom and calculated practice is miraculously insightful and inspiring. Some key terms here are pygmalion effect and how conventional medicine chase the expectation of how students should behave in classrooms or how the status quo archetype of a human should behave. Allopathy, on the other hand, creates a healing solution based on an ideal, instead of chasing a fleeting expectation as conventional medicine does. There's a concept of readiness to change and willingness to change; you have to incorporate a lifestyle change (removed of drugs) to ultimately connect with your genuine existence.

Some relevant terms.

After growing up (barely) in a highly warped family nexus, I experienced the maddening Gregory Batesonian "double bind" phenomenon. Which is defined in the NLP dictionary as well as detailed here. Boy would I have loved to be a student of Dr. Robert David Laing. Unfortuantely, this brilliant Scottish psychiatrist past away when I was 6, but I completely and totally agree with his disbelief in the existence of the "mental illness". I am such a strong supporter of that belief and upon reading his bio, I felt as though I was reading many of my own ideas. For a very generalized view of how Democracy has ironically warped into a paradoxical entity undermining our personal freedoms, check out this video of the BBC The Trap, which includes interviews with Laing and Nash. The most astounding inteviews revealed how, specifically with schizophrenic patients, the pressure-cooker within the power and control of the family nexus perpetuates and actually manufactures symptoms of so-called disorders. Laing dissected the family nexuses with game theory.
Here's some footage.
Leonard Frank's harrowing account of insulin electro-shock therapy. This is so revolting. Franks, like anyone who interacts with psychiatry, was seriously physically and emotionally ABUSED by psychiatry. Abuse is an understatement, torture, is more relevant.
Finally, this is the epicenter, the culminating piece to this anti-psych post:
YES! I'm so happy about this. I'm so happy to see people who viciously hate psychiatry as much as I; it feels so restructuring to see people who've witnessed how corrupt and fraudulent all of psychiatry is; and to see that I am not alone in my total understanding that psychiatry does kill. It feels good to not be alone in my beliefs.
Some quick facts from the movie:
  • In the past 4 decades twice (2x) TWICE the number of people have died in government psychiatric hospitals than all World Wars since 1776 COMBINED! Where is the battle being fought, we should ask? Psychiatric hospitals need to not exist.
  • 6 million -- 6 MILLION! - American Children take prescribed psychiatric medication.
  • Psychiatrists think 1 Billion people have some mental illness.
  • $2 Trillion pumped into psychiatry. 0 cures. It's the biggest, most inhumane, and grossly violating scam possible.
  • 543 Million people have been prescribed psychiatric drugs.
  • "It's really tragic; It's awful. And it's being done for money. That's why it's being done."
  • "There is no reliability of diagnosis; it's just science. It's all just pseudoscience."
The corruption, evil, dark sinister fraudelence, and totally brutal inhumanity is much bigger than we think. The psychiatric industry needs to be boycotted or abolished or terrorized or made illegal; or all of the above. Psychiatrists are the dark-minded, malign Thought police who sit tucked away in their demonic corridors crafting new diseases and publishing them in papers.

This article from the NYT has got to be one of my favorites, called "Drug Approved. Is Disease Real?" Haha! That's great! It debunks, questions, and ridicules the existence of diseases. The article just reveals the entire pharmaceutical scam for what it is: a sham built on a sham of nebulous non-existent fictional diseases that do not exist!! That's my mantra baby! That's what I believe! I KNOW and UNDERSTAND that ALL those DSM psychiatric diseases DO NOT EXIST. Diseases =DNE. That's an error you get in programming and that's the error that should arise whenever anyone mentions a disease. Disease=DNE! Best news? The article is FRESH off the presses. It's January, 2008! The world is creeping up on psychiatry and it's going down. Big time! It's going down in a whimpering fire-ball of lying DSM manuals and deceitful pharmaceutical companies. I'm telling you. NOW is the time to INVEST in serious alternative medicine stocks. Psychiatry will not exist 50 year from now. The world will grow into its intelligent shoes and won't play dumb for much longer. And if you "own" for some god forsaken idiotic reason pharmaceutical stocks or something of the like (What? Are you a moron?) get rid of them ASAP. And if you're career is in psychiatry and/or pharmaceuticals? My obvious advice is change careers immediately. But, hey, some people "like sinking ships" for some reason. I personally, do not, which is why I'm going to be floating by with alternative medicine watching the cataclysmic hilarity as psychiatric and pharmaceutical professions -- entire careers -- plunge and sink! All while the alternative medicine, natural healing healing, flies HIGH big time. Now THAT's the remedy!

I can't describe how infuriating it is to discover that a loved one, or someone whom you thought was a loved one, believes that you have some disorder, when you know such "disorders" are part of a corporate-pharmaceutical-psychiatric scheme to make money. Unfortunately, for them, but anyone who encourages, practices, or endorses psychiatry, I automatically labelled a myopic imbecile; it's truly the only logical conclusion once your see the facts (of which psychiatry has none). Enron is a saint compared to psychiatry. All Enron did was just jumble a few accounting books, hurting the image, reputation, nor physiological health of no one. Psychiatry cannot say the same because it's sole profiteering mission is composed of more and more maliciously fabricated ways to destroy the image and reputation and shatter physiological health in people. PETA slaughtering animals and skinning them alive, while savagely repulsive, does not match the untamed cruelty of psychiatry.

Here's the clincher. Pharmaceuticals issued Heroin. Yes, the drug that has caused millions of deaths.

"From 1898 through to 1910 heroin was marketed as a non-addictive morphine substitute and cough medicine for children. Bayer marketed heroin as a cure for morphine addiction before it was discovered that heroin is converted to morphine when metabolized in the liver, and as such, "heroin" was basically only a quicker acting form of morphine. The company was somewhat embarrassed by this new finding and it became a historical blunder for Bayer.[9]"

Pharmaceuticals are legal drug pushers. That's pretty disturbing and extremely wrong. The case has lucidity and clarity. Drug companies, psychiatry, and the like kills.

Finally, the great, brilliant, talented and burgeoning actor, Heath Ledger: let's not forget how he died: "Mr. Heath Ledger died as the result of acute intoxication by the combined effects of oxycodone, hydrocodone, diazepam, temazepam, alprazolam and doxylamine."[13][15]" Psychiatric drugs. That's right. Psychiatric drugs kills talent, lives, souls, it's the most destructive evil in the West.

The solution is Eastern medicine, natural healing, balance with NLP, healthy diet, and solid intense exercise. We need to stop creating unhealthy schisms between our mind and body by terminating all western medicinal foul toxins and embracing the already-potent natural chemicals of the human endocrinology and natural exercise and the potency of natural whole food and nourishment!
There's only one valid type of medicine: positive nlp life-coaching and laughter.


Being "Thick" Ain't so Bad

Apparently the thickness of the somatosensory cortex of the brain corresponds to various diseases. Scientific evidence has shown that those with migraine headaches indicate a thicker somatosensory cortex. However, in contrast, a key component of autisum, multiple sclereosis, and Alzheimer's is a thin somatosensory cortex. Hey,while undeniably painful, at least those migraines I used to have are somewhat neurologically auspicious!

The Emergence of Spiritual Currency

Clearly, the increasing weakness of the dollar spiking the oil prices, and the Nikkei hitting an all-time low due to the decreasing value of the yen are directly, flat-out blatantly obvious, indications that Spiritual Currency is emerging...or that it already has emerged. I coined, founded, and first wrote about this paridigmatic shift almost two years ago late 2005, early 2006, and hints of this galvanizing and energizing phenomenon are finally on the rise. Donald Trumps, Bill Gateses -- investors of financial currency -- welcome to Hooverville. Investors in spiritual currency, welcome to paradisio, solvency, and wealth.

Equinoxes and Solstices

Earth's Inclination
Everyday would be an equinox (Latin's equinoxium, meaning "equality night and day") if it weren't for the earth's subtle inclination. An equinox, the moment when the sun is at it's zenith directly above (perpendicular to) the equator at noon is the opposite of a solstice (Latin's solstitium, meaning "the point where the sun stands still"), the moment when a sun is lowest in the sky (the most inclination north or south away from perpendicular) at noon. Obviously, each solstice occurs in a different hemisphere. In short, yes, the sun move's east to west daily, but it cycles north and south on an annual basis, with the winter solstice marking it's nadir - most southern location (commencing northern movement), and summer stolstic marking the zenith -most northern location. This diagram

is false, because it doesn't show the earth's inclination. The above diagram shows an earth with no solstices, all equinoxes. However, because of the earth's tilt and elliptical pattern (faster movement closest to the sun), the annual sun inclinations do occur, resulting in solstices, resulting in seasons.

Equinoxes and solstices each occur twice per year, so there are four equinox-or-solistice events per year, occurring roughly every three months (every season. Equinoxes occur spring and autumn (March and September), while solstices occur winter and summer (December and June).

Calendar Dates and Length of Days
  • December 22 -- Winter Solstice, Sun Heads North. (Longest Night)
  • March 22 -- Spring Equinox, Sun Heading North, Long days in North Pole, Equal night and day lengths at equator. (Length of Day = Length of Night)
  • June 22 -- Summer Solstice, Sun Heads South (Longest Day)
  • September 22 -- Autumnal Equinox, Sun heading South, Dark days (long nights) in North Pole, Equal night and day lengths at equator; Days start to get shorter. (Length of Day = Length of Night)

The earth rotates West to East, making the sun (and most all prograde planetary objects) "rise" East and set west.

Seasons usually directly follow an equinox or solstice because that marks the point when the sun is furthest or closest to the earth, resulting in a respective heat shift. A spring (or "vernal") equinox marks the point halfway between the sun's journey northward (the end of this journey, when the sun starts to head southward is the summer solstice, June 22) with longer days of sunlight at the north pole. The autumnal equinox marks long days of darkness at the north pole as the sun moves southward (after the summer solstice turning point). It's so interesting how linguistic ties in with science. If you understand latin roots, all these seemingly complex terms (vernal, equinox, solstice) all are very simple.

The Neutral Equinoxes and Extreme Solstices
The winter solstice occurs in the southern hemisphere, the summer solstice, in the northern. And the only difference between the two equinoxes (spring and autumn) is the direction the sun heads at each (northward at spring, and southward at autumn); both biannual equinoxes occur over the equator. Even though they occur on opposite ends of the calender (March and September), six months apart, Equinoxes (unlike Solstices) mark moments of identical equivalence in the sun's position, length of day and night, and temperature. In other words, while spring marks an increasing temperature, increase day length, and northward sun inclination increase (and fall marks a moment halfway through the decrease in those three variables), spring and autumnal equinox temperature (temperate, day length (12 hours), and inclination (0 degrees over equator) are the same! I, therefore, call equinoxes neutral zeniths, and solstices extreme events. So the day length equals the night length, the sun's location is the same (over the equator), Interestingly, you can look at any southward sun-movement as getting colder, while northward sun-movement as getting warmer in seasons. Thus, the months after winter, spring, and early summer are all northward-moving sun months, while, you guessed it, fall and winter months (July to December) are southward-moving sun months. This can be easily plugged into the Dalai Lama's ever-increasing path of happiness with neutrality, pain, and pleasure-inducers. The solstices mark apex or nadirs (immense pleasure or immense pain) of this ever-increasing path, while the equinoxes mark the line exactly at the x-axis, with y=0, or the neutral state.

The Significance of the Correlation between the Dalai Lama's Ever-Increasing Path and Equinox-Solstice Astronomical Events
There exist many interpretations. The most obvious (and boring) is that spring and autumn mark points of neutral mood, but getting, respectively, more joyful or more cranky and dismal. And winter and summer mark, respectively the extremes of immense pain and immense pleasure. But that's highly interpretative. If you're a skier, winter could be joyful, but the sunbather finds the summer solstice most enjoyable. Or the farmer could dread the autumnal equinox time causing the farmer to feel great pain, while everyone else experiences great neutrality. But, in the graph of (on the y axis) temperature, length of day, and Northward inclination of the sun over the equator, the equinox would most certainly mark the mid-way points, and the solstices would be the highs and lows of the oscillating graph. It's important to not that a graph of equinox and solstice activity with time plotted on the x would oscillate like a cosine function.

Proximity to Equator Increases, Rainfall Increases and Temperature Range Decreases
Another interesting, and obviously inverse, relationship is between distance from equator and the temperature-range v. annual total rainfall. Everyone knows that the close to the equator you get, the small the temperature range. On the equator (Mexico, Yucatan, Amazon) the annual temperature range fluctuates only a few degrees from 75 in the "winter" and 80 degrees in the "summer", while further away from the equator the temperature range increase, producing much more extreme temperature shifts. In Midwest USA, for example, the range is about 43 degrees, 30 in the winter and less than 80s in the summer, but the inverse is rainfall. Closer to the equator you get, small the temperature range, but larger than annual rainfall. With a 4 degree temperature range, average rainfall is like 103 inches. But with a location far away from the equator and a large temperature range (43 degrees, for example) annual rainfall is small (like 12 inches). Another example, in the arctic Circle (say near scandanavia), temperature range is about 74 deggres (-40-65)! However, personally, I like rain and I like minimum range annual temperature fluctuations set a a warm temperature, so there's no trade off at the tropics. Living at or near the equator is best for me because of huge personal taste for rain and consistent warmth!

Personal Relationship
I remember solstice being the ship, and I haven't pinpointed what an equinox is (car, obviously) but how that differs from the ship, I don't know. Equinox could be an apex of control and my thing, and solstice could be the opposite, a passenger, possibly. But I love the ocean. Helpful enough almost all the equinoxes and solstices occur around the 20th of their respective months (March, September or June or December). We're about a month away from the winter solstice on December 22, 2007.


The Present World with Past and Future Extracted Out of Space-time

From Einstein's Dreams. Interesting, the idyllic world of immediacy and the present moment with the past and future extracted out.

“Employees are not hired because of their resumes, but because of their good sense in interviews. Clerks trampled by their bosses fight back at each insult, with no fear for their future. It is a world of impulse. It is a world of sincerity. It is a world in which every word spoken speaks just to that moment, every glance given has only one meaning, each touch has no past or no future, each kiss is a kiss of immediacy.” (Lightman 32)

Lightman certainly paints a warm picture of a world with past and future “surgically removed” from space-time, but how could such a world go wry? Not in efforts to promote cynicism nor pessimism, but it only seems fair to consider the downsides of an “only present moment world”. What about unpleasant emotions. Would a minor “butterflies in the stomach” feel like overwhelming trepidation without knowledge that such nervousness will pass? Or would we, living only the present, never even experience doubt, fear, reluctance, or sadness in the first place?


Consecrated Congruence

If you engage guile about serious issues, you're also engaging apathy. Using guile facetiously is fun, clever, and amusing, but about serious pursuits, guile becomes deceptive and slaughters authenticity while emerging apathy. Apathy precludes any and all opportunities of congruence. Congruence, to some people like Carl Rogers, is literally consecrated. It's like sanctified. Congruence opens direct conduits for healthy, genuine exchange with people. We've got to engage economically-compassioante congruence. What this means is if someone's debilitating or creates disbelief of auspicious things or has inauspicious vibes, we should disavor congruence. Then if you respect a person AND they generate propitiously healthy belief fortitudes for you, cultivate congruence with those and only those people.


When Language Gets Sixes and Sevens

You have to really use your loaf or bread to speak cockney rhyming slang. I mean most people think driving their jam jar while talking to your china plate on the dog and bone is juggling, but cockney rhyming slang is more challenging than that, my dear china plate. Take a butcher's hook at the history and you'll discover that it was used to confuse non-locals or to create an inner communication to prevents others from knowing of what they're talking. Just look at the brass tacks, china plate, and do adam and eve me; it's all sixes and sevens hearing cockney rhyming slang, unless you know the interpretations, so here are some translations. A start :

1. Loaf of bread = head.

Now use your loaf!


Know and Deeply Understand What You Want

Perception is less than Reality: False Bifurcations: Know and Deeply Understand What You Want: The Formula for Bifurcation:

Establishing this an actual bifurcation is extremely essential to prosperity, happiness and the freedom of knowing what you want, getting what you desire and not experiencing the baggage of burdens, doubts, and uncertainties. Bifurcating is about commitment – relentless commitment, I should say.

When you truly commit and will devote every cell, ever second for the rest of your life to achieving what you want in life, you will get it. You will get it or perish. This is not a false bifurcation, but an actual bifurcation (see "False Bifurcations").

False Bifurcations

Purpose: The purpose of this illustrative section is to reveal to you the reality that what you think about a situation typically is a mere subset of the myriad privileges that exist in the reality of the situation.

When you truly commit and will devote every cell, ever second for the rest of your life to achieving what you want in life, you will get it. You will get it or perish. This is not a false bifurcation, but an actual bifurcation.

A bifurcation, by the way, is the standing point where only 2 outcomes, two options exist. Many times were are envision a scenario as being bifurcated, but, in reality, that situation is a false bifurcation. When we're at a stop sign on a one-way T-intersection most of us will falsely bifurcate. We see our only two options as stopping and turning right or stopping and continuing forward.

That stop sign scenario is an example of a fallacious bifurcation because, in reality, there exist MANY more options and choices than stop-turn-right and stop-and-continue. Here's the list of other possible options we have:

  1. Stop and Park after ther sign
  2. Park before the sign
  3. California stop and turn right
  4. California stop and continue forward
  5. Floor it and turn right
  6. Floor it and continue forward
  7. Pull the emergency break and just abandon the car in the middle of the road.

Clearly it's now blatantly obvious how incredibly erroneous our previous conjecture was. There exist atleast NINE options here when we originally "thought"—thought falsely – that there were only two. Now, granted, some of those options (5,6,7 namely) may not be to our best benefit if we want to avoid collisions and avoid breaking the law, but they still exist as options. 1 through 4 are four additional options that are equally legal and plausible as well.

You've been shown the secret of perception versus reality: that what you think about a situation typically functions as a mere subset of the myriad privileges that exist in the reality of the situation.

So take from this one thing: the knowledge, the FACT, that our perceptions of any incident, event, horizons, ambiton, dream, endeavor and or plan will almost always be LESS than the total options and/or choices we have in reality! Let's focus on then not on "options" for we have those in abundance! Let's focus on valid selectivity. Cultivating the capacity and the school to generate massively aligned skills in always selecting (and only "seeing") the valid choices and options out of the myriad alternatives we have abundantly presented to us in our life!


The Danger of "Why"

When we ask "why?" to a friend, we must carefully choose our intention so that it is only derived from a genuine source of energizing grace. "Why?" frequently can insinuate covert aggression, harbor anger destructively, and it can imply dubious lack of faith in a person. Why BLANK? Why not? Why ask why? You ask why because you need justification. You do not believe. If you didn't understand, you would ask "How?". How explains. Why adjudicates. Why is a question of judgment and as Kierkegaard pointed out, "when you label me, you negate me". Therefore, the judgemental inquisition of "Why", negates. Use "Why" with care my friend.

A better solution is to say openly, I don't believe in your idea, but if you could elaborate on your intention behind it, I might understand the perspective of your wisdom with great lucidity. Expanding judgments to the point where they become affirmations of acceptance, when done with sincerity and honesty, forms incredibly resilient bonds of trust and clarifying connection.

Wave Dynamics -- Surfer's Almanac: Swell and Wave Formation

Swell – Swells is long, oceanic surface waves, consistently formed by tropical storms and wind systems. A few fractions of a second difference in a wave, on the other side of the ocean, creates a totally different set of waves. Swell waves are often mixed with local chop “noise” waves.

Swell Size -- Swell waves are measured in “swell size” which is 33% of the largest wave in a set (trough to crest).

Fetch – The fetch is just the “un-wave” part of water. The larger the flat water (fetch) and the stronger the wind, the larger the wave will be. Shores that have inslands in front of them have a very short fetch (blocked), so smaller waves. The swell is generated by wind blowing consistently over a fetch.

Local Wind – too intense of a local wind will make the swell waves too choppy and unsurfable. Ideal is a slight offshore wind, that blows into the face of the wave, scooping them out even more!

Wave Formation – Imagine a pond and throw in a rock; ripples form with measurable size, distance, and speed. Now substitude ocean for pond and huge tropical storm for rock; that’s how waves are made.

Wind to Wave: Waves on a pond create little ripple indentations. Additionally, on the open ocean, small (or large) hurricanes create small wave indentations that form with other waves to form chop, then the chop forms with more chop to form, again, more wind waves, produce a full wave!

We want Swell Waves – Wind waves dissipate the farther away from their souce. Yes, they do! They will eventually peter out to water surface tension….unless they generated enough energy from the center of the storm or wind zone to create a swell. The swell’s energy can then carry that wind wave the entire circumference of the globe without energy or wave-size loss! Good deal!

Three Swell Factors:Okay, so Swell waves form with the combination of

1. large fetch (pointing towards your beach

2. Wind velocity (strong)

3. Duration (long time of wind blowing on the fetch

Ground Swell -- Considering those factors, basically storms create a lot of chop and swell. Eventually the swell “clears the chop” and becomes smoothed chop-free waves. NZ storms great swell that can travel 6000 miles, such magnificent swell is dubbed, “Ground Swell”.

Waves have longest periods first, then waves from the same swell days later will have shorter periods. For example, ground swell starts off Sydney’s coast and builds to hit SoCal. The swell has 24sec periods the first day with huge waves. Next day the waves are smaller, but closer together with a 20sec period; third day has 16sec periods, etc. The waves break closer and closer together! Remember a tropical storm is simply an awesome boulder chucked in a pond (the ocean) that creates gnarly sets!

Wave Sets A wave set is simply a wave group (that deep water traveling wave train of 3-15 waves) that has hit shallow water.

Number of Waves in a set = 3-15 (for long distance fetches)

Number of waves in set from a local (1000- miiles) source = 1-3 (less organized because less time for the wave groups to form)

If there’s a large distant storm and a local one, you could get intermittent 1-3 wave sets every 5-10 minutes and then a huge 3-15 wave set every 40-minutes, for example. There’s LOTs of stuff always going on in the ocean.

A “shallow-water wave group” IS a wave set! They appear as often as every few minutes to every half hour depending how long the waves traveled to reach the shore. The longer the waves travel, the better the organization, and greater consistency. So, if a storm caused a deep water wave group to travel 5000 miles to hit your california shore, the wave sets would be incredibly organized and reliable because of the distance they covered (that “refining time”). Obviously in shallow water, individual waves of wave groups don’t phase out/phase in, so you can actually surf them and they won’t dissappear (sometimes they do) but a true wave set are waves that all break, if they don’t it’s just chop, likely.

Wave Groups – As waves span out from the fetch that created them, the large waves move in the direction of the wind (the wind helps them, instead of goes against those “with the wind” waves). Then after awhile, the waves that are moving in the same pace in the same direction, form groups of about (3-15+ waves). The further away from the original fetch and deep water source (like thousands of miles away), the more defined the wave group gets.

Set Frequency.

Okay, so a huge storm breaks out in New Zealand. It takes a wave group to travel 6000 miles from that souther hemisphere to California and approx imately 200-300 hours depending on the wave period. But the interesting part is exponential growth of time. For example, say an 18sec and 17.95sec period wave group starts at that souther hem. Site (6000 miles away). Therefore, the further away the deep water source (storm for example) the more temporally spread out the sets will be. If the source is from a fetch only 1000 miles away, the .05 second difference only pans out to being a few minutes, instead of 40 with the 6000 mile distance covered.

Individual wave size in the wave group.

What’s VERY cool is in the physics of deep water wave propogation, in a wave group (say of 10 waves), all the waves change places, move forward, etc, but the middle waves are always the largest and the end and front waves always the smallest! Any wave that moves to the middle of the wave group gets big!. Another theory behind this is multiple wave trains overlap and it appears like some waves grow but it’s just mingling with the other wave train, a less eloquent theory than the physics, assembly-line middle waves always biggest ideology.

Individual wave movement and Speed in a group. Individual waves (within the group) move twice as fast as the group! However, when those 2x-faster moving individual waves reach the front of the wave group, they get pulled back, so it’s 2 steps forward, 1 step back with the wave group and individual wave dynamic. Determing the speed of an individual wave is simple (3 x (period))

3 x Period = Indiiviual wave speed

So if a period is 20 seconds, the individual wave is moving 60 knots/hr!

However when the wave group becomes a wave set (and hits shallow water) the wave set moves at the speed of the group (half that of the 2x as fast individual waves) so that wave set would be 30 knots per hour.

Traveling Fetch – Sometimes the storm can be moving in the direction of the chop so the waves for, say, 2000 miles beome well-formed sets, but they’re constantly being overtaken and regenerated by waves from the storm immediately behind it, making big waves that accumulate onto each other. There are only a few places open to thousands of open ocean positioned near the tracks of winter storms: NW USA, Chile/Peru, W Australia, and S.Europe. A “traveling fetch” phenomenon to some degree occurs with every fetch, but the waves in front are always bigger than the waves after the storm because of the traveling fetch “wave booster” phenomenon. The “virtual fetch” is just sets with 12 hour intervals, a “pseudo fetch”, but the traveling fetch produces massive waves. Now when you look at the totally gnarly conditions for any Maverick's surf contest, a director of the contest (Spansler, apparently, uses government satellites -- a good use of those orbitting bits of technology -- to predict these wave condtions) says, “We search for a big storm way off in the North Pacific, out past the international date line" (NYT). “That’s the best cradle for a Mavericks swell. Waves start their lives as wind. The longer and stronger gales blow in the same direction, the larger and more powerful the seas that result” (NYT). The technology used to wire into surf conditions to make Mavericks great is so high-tech. Mavericks competition coordinators use those government satellites as well as a Quickstat and Jason-1 satellite matrix to get water undalations, and surface data up to 3.3 cm over the ocean! It's like a lot of high-tech advancements in science and technology are plugged-in and utlized for this surf contest! So pre-condition for any Maverick's surf contest is that the wave's origin must be a storm PAST the international date line. Can you imagine that fetch! To put this in perspective, Hawaii is BEFORE the international date line. So the CLOSEST source of a storm to meet the Maverick's surf contest preconditions would be New Zealand. Even if it's that "close", you're still looking at a killer 5000-6000 mile fetch (NZ is 6000 miles from the US, but it's slightly south of due west of the International date line along the same latitudes as the U.S.). Can you imagine that! This surf contest is ENGINEERED to produce EPIC surf! Sweet!

Measuring Waves: Height and Period A typical report is 6 ft @ 17 seconds, which means the wave heigh (trough to crest) is 6 ft for 33% of the largest waves and they occur every 17 seconds.

Heighttrough (front wave barrel bottom) to crest (top of unbroken wave. This is for the largest 1/3 (33%) of all waves.

Period – he amount of time it takes for two wave crests to past a specific point. There are two forms of measuring data presented as “Significant Seas” and “Swell data. For surfing, Swell data is the most reliable because, “significant seas” don’t even exist from a surfing (shore only perspective), it’s for boats, we want surf, so “Swell data” it is.

Significant Seas The Square root of the sum of the squares of all wave energy. A 5 ft swell from S and a 3 ft swell is 6 ft sees, but this isn’t practical for surfing. And will always be an overstatement of wavesize. Surfers ride one wave and if two swells of 3 ft each approach that’s the wave height. Sig. Seas would overstate wave height as 4 or 5 ft. But at sea in a boat, Sig. Seas are, obviously, very important. The largest wave in any given day will likely be the Sig. Sea height. In other words, if Sig. Seas says height is 8 ft. and swell data says 5 ft. you won’t see a 9 ft. wave and if you see an 8 ft wave, catch it! That’s the wave of the day!

Swell Window -- This is just the range a beach has for receiving waves. If a land mass is immediately north and directly south, it would have a swell window of 90 degres to 180 degrees or only 90 degrees. CA has a swell window (where islands don’t block the surf) of about 180 degrees sometimes.

Great Circles – bSwells travel away from their source on Great Cicle pathes or routes. If wind is blowing parrallel to your Great Circle path (connecting to your beach), then you could have a swell because that means no chop would break up swells traveling along the fetch of your Great Circle path. In short, Wind bloing parallel to a Great Circle path parrallel to your beach is a GOOD thing for good swell size. Additionally, remember that great circle paths curv and are not always perpendicular to the beach. For example, believe it or not. Southern Australian is on the great circle path for south california even though their in opposite Northern and Southern Hemispheres! Theoretically a storm near India could follow the great circle path to southern california if wind kept blowing parallel to the path, but this is very unlikely (because it’s probably 8000 miles), but totally possible.

Directional Spectrum – In ocean reality, swell waves may come from a variety of different directions. There may be 5ft @20 secs from the south and 2 ft @10 seconds from the north ,for exampl.e A directional spectrum depicts the period, direction, and density of all waves present at a fixed space and set period of time. IT’s produced by buoys with height, period, and direction sensors installed. In short, if you want to know the heigh, direction, and period of all waves at a point from all direction (from all swells), the directional spectrum does that. Sweet!

Spectral density just shows the relative wave energy present at all frequency periods for a fixed space and fixed time interval.

Storm and Fetch – Most storms (other than hurricanes) follow the jet stream west to east at about 20-30 knots.

Period Length effects Wave Depth and Strength

A wave train that has significant period (like 15 seconds or more) has enough momentum that it will lose little or zero energy, size, or speed, while traveling thousands of miles until reaching land and breaking! The reason for this is a wave with a period (wavelength) of 15+ seconds means that all fo the energy is travelling DEEP under the ocean surface (the wave crest is literally the tip of the iceberg of the entire wave. The actual wave you see on the surface is about 5% of the massive deep water wave! Example: A 14 second period reaches down into the ocean 516 ft. and a 20-second period reaches down 1053ft! Opposing wind or other things (other than shallow water) would have a VERY little impact on a 1053ft underwater wave! Even an opposing wind wave wit ha 7-second period (reaching down 129 ft) wouldn’t even effect a 20-second period 1053ft wave! Actually even different period (or same period) lenghted wave trains don’t effect each other and neither can wind. The only thing that impacts wave trains other than shallow water, where they break, is surface tension (the stuff bugs use to float on water). But still it’s tonly the short-period wave trains that are susceptible to surface tension decaying the wave.

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