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Foundation Coaching FC102: Perspective 2

w/Ronnie Noize

"What if you asked to be born?"

This is a fascinating question. It sparks and generates allusions to fate, destiny, and having a life mission and purpose. With questions like "Am I just feeling out life?" Did I signup for life to "Investigate life?" It makes you cognizant with your relationship to life! You start to think, "Did I ask to be born because I wanted to party and life's a party?" or What about a mission or purpose, "Did I ask to be born to complete or accomplish something, like a life mission?" In many ways, this question is a seriously effective motivational epiphany!.

Here's an interesting, albeit subtle, shift in the question:

What if you WERE asked to be born?"

Now that intrinsically changes the frame of the question as it catalyzes and inner dialogue of question like "Did someone or something request that I was born?" "What created the interest in someone to specifically request that I be born?" Wow very unique and different frame there. Personally, I prefer the "original" "..if you asked..." but either is a state change of utilizing perspective.

I'm glad I asked to be born! :D

The International Nature of the Classes.
Undoubtedly, being from a certain area of the world does not mean that they'll always have the same perspective and or approach, however, I noticed a lot of very useful comments from the people from New York. I think New York has a kind of Type A, driver, let's get things done personality associated with it. I like that and need that. When the facilitator, Ronnie Wood, asked a very open-ended question a lot of people branched and spiraled out into these abstact cool ideas and the New York contributor, Nancy, I think, simply said "You know that's a terrific question. I wrote that down for future use. Here's why I thought it was great....etc". It's always from the frame of how can I use this for future use! I like that moving forward frame. I've been stuck in the "Am I doing the right thing?" frame. Time to graduate from that into the "How can I move forward with lifecoaching?" frame. That's a terrific frame that will bring me success and I think the cool kind of New Yorker getting things done mentality will be conducive to that as well!

Your Empowering perspective: Specifics of Application (My Elevator Speech)
Specifics of Application is my Ultimate empowering perspective as far as I can tell. I've had an evolution of empowering perspectives. Last year I was all about precision, navigation, and freedom. Those were the most empowering values for me. However, I've recently realized that "Specifics of Application" is the empowering perspective that I consider to be "meta-" to any other perspective like "exploring", "freedom", "choice", "authenticity", "any other perspective". Why? Because any empowering perspective can by improportionately applied. "Action" is a terrific empowering perspective but too much action without enough planning is disempowering. "Exploring" is an empowering perspective but exploring without learning or exploring in the same circle is disempowering. Therefore, specifics of application is the meta-empowering perspective. I also just realized that "Specifics of Application" will be my elevator speech. I can take any strength or focus someone has and integrate in "specifics of application" to make them realize that they can even improve on that. So that's my edge. I'm psyched

Life feels good and easy and valuable and enough challenge to feel accomplished and very smooth now. It's a terrific feeling.

My key essential perspective is "Specifics of Application".

Notes & Information-Processing...

Notes & Information-Processing

Great Perspective Changes
Reversal Roleplay
See My post for All the NLP Frames and Reframes.

Nancy's comments were EXTREMELY helpful and helped me focus on important things to make sure I extracted the most out of the course (tips for building business)
thanks nancy from ny.

the James guy sounds Very intelligent.

lisa challenge
tammy toronto

generosity, exploration, true to self

Condemning or Disempowering Perspectives hold

The Goal is to shift them from Disempowering State to an Empowering State. Questions conducive towards that (yes. coaches do have goals as well!).

Clients frequently don't know how close they are to that state of confidence even though they may feel in a state of fear or uncertainty.

Responsibility Frame!
This one is Great.

1. Tell the client to frame the situation, the problem, the source of fear as-if it is entirely someone else's fault. 100% someone else's fault. Ask them to describe the details of how they hold 0% responsibility and how other people are 100% at fault and to blame and their responsibility. (Of course this is all purely hypothetical because fault, blame, and responsibility are really not present in the lucidity of high-level living ; However for hypothetical sake of this exercise).

2. THEN tell the client to describe how their 100% at fault. How how was it your personality characteristics, your strengths were in some kind of way the cause of the incompatibility or why this did or didn't work. Get the client to explain why they're entirely at fault

3. Ask them to describe the good, the life lesson, the empowering long-term result of this failure or this dilemma or this problem.

So that Responsibility Frame is a VERY useful transformation tool.

"What if you were asked to be born?"
motivational epiphany
feeling out life?
being aware of your gifts
want to enjoy life
did I want to join the party of life?
do I have a specific life mission?
did I want to investigate life? like what is this life thing? is that why I asked to be born?
it's definitely an awesome question that has allusions to fate and destiny and have a purpose and life mission.


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